What Makes Me Stand Out?

After working as a full-time content writer and a freelancer on several projects, I know what makes content engaging. Through all the feedback and reviews I have developed a writing style that helps potential customers understand a particular product, service or a piece of information. And I firmly believe that if your content does not interest readers, it is not worth the time!

I strictly follow 0% Plagiarism policy and always create unique content for websites, company profiles and all other types of content.
No two types of businesses can engage clients with the same tone of content. And hence I focus on the tone of content as per your business to make it reader-friendly and delightful for the visitors.
Wrong grammar can not only lead to questions regarding credibility but also can invade the purpose of engaging readers. I make sure the content copy delivered is always 100% free of grammatical errors.
SEO helps in boosting content’s ranking which helps you grow your audience. Having more than 3 years of experience in SEO content writing, I offer SEO optimized content for improving your site’s ranking.

My Content Creation Process

I follow a four-fold process for creating content for your business. This process ensures that the content delivery is on-time, helps me get a clear idea and is also beneficial for the clients to know my inputs.

On Call / Personal Discussion

My first plan of action is to have a quick chat with a client to understand their business, target audience and what exactly they need the content for. This helps me define the type of content and its purpose.

Mapping The Content

Once I am through with the requirements, I start doing my research on it to know better. I then start mapping the content for your website, brochure, blog or other format to make sure it is well-presented.

Working on creating content

The most crucial step is writing content that serves the purpose. I spend a major part of the process creating content that best suits your requirement and helps you get the desired results. Content is 100% unique and tailored for each brand according to the preferences.

Review, edit & deliver content

After the content is written, I proofread it for grammatical errors, sentence formation and tone to ensure it is on point. After taking client’s feedback and doing the changes ( if mentioned) I review the content and mail it in a doc format.

Maskoid Technologies​ Private Limited

Working with Maskoid Technologies as a Full-time content writer. Currently, we are developing geometryofmolecules.com. Every second article on this website ranks first on Google.

India In Sports

Content curator for India in Sports, have contributed to their official website indiainsports.in by writing articles on sports and other various sports-related topics.

KickStart Solutions LLP​

Associated with Kickstart Solutions LLP as freelance content writer and editor where I help the company with everything content. Have worked with more than 20 clients in a span of 2 years with them.

E Tricks Media

Content Strategist for E Tricks Media, where I help with content creation, strategy and management for the social media content for the clients.

Independent Content Writer

Apart from this I am an Independent freelance content writer and have worked with more than 60 clients individually.

If you have any questions,

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